Zootopia-Selfie-Wallpaper (1)

Disney’s Zootopia is arguably the studios’ biggest animated hit since Frozen, and justifiably so — the film is wonderful, and although the term “instant classic” is thrown around rather loosely these days, Zootopia happens to be just that. The movie — which revolves around anthropomorphic animals living together in a giant metropolis — works on so many levels that you can fall in love with its characters and world for one reason if you’re five years old, and quite another reason if you’re thirty.

Now the movie’s fans are beginning to show their love for all things Zootopia. There’s already a Facebook community for Zootopians, where fans can post their own art and ponder whether or not Mr. Otterton was cheating on Mrs. Otterton at the animal nudist colony and other aspects of his double life (yes, really).

Of course, the timeless way some fandoms celebrate the thing they love can be found there, too… I’m talking about good old-fashioned fan fiction. One artist in Korea created a webcomic featuring main characters Judy the bunny and Nick the fox that serves as a kind of sequel to the events of the movie. Although I have to say, they took it in a decidedly darker direction than I think Disney ever would (and mind you, the actual Zootopia deals with some pretty adult themes already).


Although the webcomic was originally written in Korean, thankfully another fan managed to translate the whole thing into English. You can see the entire English translation of the further adventures of Judy and Nick right here, or check it out in our gallery below. And by all means, if you haven’t seen Zootopia yet, what are you waiting for? Seriously, it’s that good. Go see it.

What do you Zootopia fans think of this webcomic? Is it a worthy successor till the inevitableZootopia 2 hits theaters? Let us know what you think in the comments below.